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Ahmed Real Estate was established in 2000, considering the rapidly-rising property demands of people and their constant dream of living in their own House with their ideal lifestyle. Capturing such dreams and requirements, there is no one operating more efficiently than we do!

Having spent twenty years of accomplishment in the commercial real estate business, Ahmed Real Estate had a vision of expanding their line of services beyond facilitating traditional sales and investments, incorporating a complete range of plots, commercial and residential property, apartments, SU Houses, SD Houses IH House ,consultation and management services and projects.

Our agency excels with its three departments, each specializing in their particular field. The residential sales team holds expertise in different aspects of sales process for ensuring all the requirements are fully established and met. Properties whether for a landlord or a tenant are all handled with the most skillful and dedicated approach. We strive to deliver an ability to stand out in marketplace.

The commercial department contains a team of highly-regarded agents who have developed a strong networking system on national level that enables them to link Ahmed Real Estate to the wider Real Estate community. We have three agents belonging to the property management department who have been trained by nationally and internationally renowned property management experts.